Innovation Profs - 10/17/2023

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Generative AI News

‘Overhyped’ generative AI will get a ‘cold shower’ in 2024, analysts predict

According to Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight, “We are big advocates for AI, we think that it’s going to have a huge impact on the economy, we think it’s going to have big impacts on society at large, we think it’s great for productivity. But the hype around generative AI in 2023 has just been so immense, that we think it’s overhyped, and there’s lots of obstacles that need to get through to bring it to market.” In Wood’s opinion, the high cost of building and sustaining generative AI models will be too expensive for many businesses and developers.

Bing Image Creator's biggest flaw may soon be fixed by Microsoft

When Bing’s Image Creator, powerd by DALL-E 3 was rolled out earlier this month, after users found that they could use the tool to create offensive content, Microsoft imposed strong restrictions that seemed to significantly limit the tool. Now Microsoft is now pursuing a more balanced approach to content moderation.

Burned-out parents seek help from a new ally: ChatGPT

Parents are now using ChatGPT to plan birthday parties, create chore charts, and even script out awkward conversations. Kids might see through artificially concocted texts, but according to Keith Foxx, principal at Foxxstem engineering services, being specific in prompting can yield better results, such as the inspirational texts he sends to his daughter are carefully tailoring his prompts.

Google VP teases Gemini's multimodal future: 'I've seen some pretty amazing things.'

Google is getting close to releasing Gemini, its new multimodal large language model (multimodel: capable of processing and produces text, images, and other types of content), which is set to challenge OpenAI’s GPT-4. Gemini will be incorporated into Bard, which is currently powered by the LLM LaMDA.

Adobe unveils special symbol to mark AI-generated content

Adobe, together with a group of other companies, has developed Content Credential, a new symbol that can be added to the metadata of images, videos, and PDFs to indicate that AI was used to generate them. Although this is a useful step in helping to differentiate between content that was human generated and content that was AI-generated, it still requires humans to directly add the symbol to the content’s metadata.

Quick Hits

Tool of the week: Adobe Firefly Vector Model

This one isn’t available quite yet, but we can’t wait to give Adobe Firefly Vector Model a try. This tool will let users create vector images using generative AI in Adobe Illustrator. Vector images are infinitely scalable, so this is a huge step forward for generative image creation.

Adobe announced the new feature at its MAX Conference last week. It also announced Retype, which converts static text in images to editable text.

Innovation Profs Homework

Have you tried out generative AI design tools yet? By now you've certainly heard of text-to-image tools such as Midjourney and DALL-E. But did you know that you can use AI to create designs as well?

Canva's Magic Studio and Microsoft's Designer let you enter a text prompt and create an editable design from your prompt. Microsoft's tool even lets you generate images for your designs using DALL-E.

Your homework: Try out one of these tools and email us what you create at [email protected].

AI-generated image of the week

ControlNet gives you more control over the images you create using Stable Diffusion. It allows you to create images based on characteristics of another image. For example, you could upload a stick figure drawing of a person, and it will create a person in the same pose as your stick figure.

Here’s a complete guide to ControlNet. We used the lineart feature and an image of Drake University’s logo to create these images…

Prompts: snow / high-tech / fall / space / woman playing basketball / lecture hall / forest

Generative AI tip of the week

Get starting with Generative AI

New to generative AI? Here are some places to start…

What we found

Deepfake actors in a Disney B-movie? Take a look.