Innovation Profs - 12/19/2023

Your weekly guide to generative AI tools and news

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Generative AI News

The biggest generative AI stories of the week include a number of new products announced by Google.

Google debuts Imagen 2 with text and logo generation

If you’ve closely followed the rapidly shifting generative AI landscape, you’re likely aware that Google has been playing catch-up in the area of AI image generation. Select Google Cloud users have now been granted access to Imagen 2, Google’s new AI image generation model. The key differentiator compared to other models? According to Vishy Tirumalasetty, head of generative media products at Google, “Imagen 2 can generate … emblems, lettermarks and abstract logos … [and] has the ability to overlay these logos onto products, clothing, business cards and other surfaces.” It can also render text in different languages, currently Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, English and Spanish, a feature not seen in other models.

If you like ChatGPT, then you're going to love Spotify's upcoming feature

TikTok user @robdad_ stumbled across a new feature in Spotify (not yet a widely available feature): a generative AI tool that gives users the ability to generate a playlist using a text prompt. The feature was later confirmed to be real by Spotify. The text-to-playlist prompting pipeline appears to be a novel application of generative AI.

Midjourney Alpha is here with AI image generations on the web

Have you wanted access to Midjourney without having to use Discord? That access may be coming soon. Midjourney just launched its web-based Midjourney Alpha, which allows users to create images in a web-interface. The downside: it’s only currently available to Midjourney users who have created more than 10,000 images (that’s a LOT of images!). Midjourney did announce that the company would be making the tool more widely available in the coming month.

Google’s new AI tool ‘MusicFX’ composes music with just a few words

Google has announced MusicFX, a new text-to-music generative AI tool built on top of an earlier tool, MusicLM, and Google DeepMind’s SynthID, which embeds a unique digital watermark in the tool’s outputs (“ensuring the authenticity and origin of the creations”). To protect original artists, users are also prohibited from including specific artists in their prompts.

Google unveils MedLM, a family of healthcare-focused generative AI models

Back in October we reported that Google announced new generative AI-powered search capabilities for doctors. Now Google has announced MedLM, a family of models fined-tuned for use in the medical industry. Two models are currently available, a larger one for more complex tasks and a smaller one that can be fine-tuned for use across a range of tasks. Possible use cases are reported in the article: “Google says that one early MedLM user, the for-profit facility operator HCA Healthcare, has been piloting the models with physicians to help draft patient notes at emergency department hospital sites. Another tester, BenchSci, has built MedLM into its ‘evidence engine’ for identifying, classifying and ranking novel biomarkers.”

Quick Hits

Tool of the week: Microsoft SwiftKey

Now you can use AI image generation in your favorite mobile apps. Download Microsoft’s Swiftkey AI Keyboard, and you’ll have the power of DALL-E 3 built into your mobile keyboard.

  1. Download here (iOS and Android).

  2. Enable SwiftKey in Settings → Keyboards

  3. In an app such as iMessage, click the globe icon to switch to the Bing keyboard. Click the GIF button and then the create icon to access DALL-E 3.

Innovation Profs Homework

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AI-generated image of the week

We tested out photos of Santa Claus on four leading image creation tools - Ideogram, Midjourney, DALL-E 3 and Imagine With Meta. Surprisingly, Google’s image tool wouldn’t create a photo of Santa.

Prompt: photo of Santa Claus, 4k, realistic

Generative AI tip of the week

Midjourney users can use negative keywords to exclude things from your images. Want to create a photo of mountains but without any snow? Try adding (--no snow) to the end of your prompt. You can also adjust the aspect ratio of your images in Midjourney by adding --ar (example: --ar 16:9).

Get starting with Generative AI

New to generative AI? Here are some places to start…

What we found:

X user @umesh_ai made an image with opposing styles in each half. Click the link below to see more examples.