Innovation Profs - 1/2/2024

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Happy New Year from the Innovation Profs!

The coming year looks to offer many new developments in generative AI, as currently available tools are improved and refined, new tools are released, novel applications of generative AI tools are developed, legal questions about the status of generative AI are taken up across a number of high-profile cases, and serious discussions continue about the ethical impact of generative AI across a range of sectors.

We’re grateful to our readers to have you on board, and we’re excited to keep you abreast of the ever-changing generative AI landscape and to offer more professional development opportunities for those of you who want to assimilate generative AI into your workflows.

Last day to save on Jan. 26 workshop

We’re hosting an Intro to Generative AI Workshop Jan. 26 at Drake University (and virtually). We extended the early-bird rate for our newsletter subscribers to 5 p.m. today (Jan. 2). That’s 50 percent off the regular rate.

Attendees will learn about current generative AI tools and gain ideas of how those tools can be used in their professional lives. We'll also discuss how they should not be used, terms of service and ethical issues related to AI tools. This event is open to the general public.

You'll be testing out tools such as Chat GPT, Google Bard, Midjourney, DALL-E 3 and more during the day. So bring your laptop to get hands-on with these tools. We'll end the day by creating a plan for how you can use more artificial intelligence tools as a part of your daily routine.

This workshop will be led by the director of Drake University's Artificial Intelligence major, Chris Porter, and digital media professor Chris Snider.

Generative AI News

Microsoft Slips Standalone Copilot AI App Into Android Store

Just after Christmas, Microsoft released their AI platform Copilot (“Your everyday AI companion”) as an app on the Android Store, providing users with free access to GPT-4 as well as the image generation tool DALL-E 3. Users also have access to GPT-4 Vision within the app, allowing them to chat with GPT-4 about pictures they’ve taken with their smartphone cameras. The app is also available on iOS.

OpenAI Publishes GPT Prompt Engineering Guide

Also just around Christmas, OpenAI published their own guide to prompt engineering, including six strategies for getting better results from ChatGPT as well as a large number of tactics for instantiating each of these strategies.

Michael Cohen admits fake cases in early release bid came from Google AI program

Another cautionary tale about using tools like ChatGPT and Bard to produce accurate results without double-checking the work: Michael Cohen, the former Trump attorney, passed along to his attorney references to three non-existent cases drummed up by Google Bard, which were then included in motion for an early termination of his supervised release. Apparently Cohen believed Bard "to be a supercharged search engine, not a generative AI service like Chat-GPT." The judge presiding over the case is considering sanctions for Cohen’s lawyer.

Figma is betting its AI can make meetings less terrible—even without Adobe’s backing

Figma, the popular design platform, has recently rolled out FigJam AI, a suite of AI-powered tools aimed to improve meetings. With FigJam, users can receive suggestions for icebreakers or brainstorming exercises, summarize meeting notes, create org charts, and visualize ideas. This news comes in the wake of a failed merger between Figma and Adobe due to antitrust concerns in the UK, EU, and the US.

Anthropic forecasts more than $850 mln in annualized revenue rate by 2024

Anthropic continues to be a significant player in the generative AI landscape, as the company has projected that it will generate over $850 million in annualized revenue by the end of the new year. Just three months ago, this figure was projected to be $500 million (while the company at that time had an annualized revenue rate of $100 million), so clearly the internal outlook at Anthropic is quite optimistic.

Quick Hits

Tool of the week: Suno

Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot Copilot can now create songs for you - complete with lyrics and music. Users who enable the Suno plugin at can create songs from a text prompt. Want to hear an example? Here’s a song promoting our Jan. 26 workshop.

AI-generated image of the week

Happy New Years from the Innovation Profs! Image was made in Midjourney version 6.

Prompt: fireworks over the iowa state capitol building in des moines, 4k, realistic, photo

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