Innovation Profs - 6/11/2024

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Generative AI News

Apple Intelligence: every new AI feature coming to the iPhone and Mac

Yesterday at WWDC 2024, Apple announced Apple Intelligence, a suite of AI tools for iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers, which includes upgraded features for Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Apple also introduced Genmoji, a tool for generating custom emojis in real-time. The announcement also confirmed Apple’s partnership with OpenAI, as the new features of Siri will draw upon OpenAI’s GPT-4o model and other writing-based Apple tools will be integrated with ChatGPT.

Ashton Kutcher Says Soon ‘You’ll Be Able to Render a Whole Movie’ Using AI: ‘The Bar Is Going to Have to Go Way Up’ in Hollywood

Ashton Kutcher is reported to have beta access to OpenAI’s text-to-movie generator Sora, and apparently, he’s impressed with the tool. As Kutcher stated in an interview, “You can generate any footage that you want. You can create good 10, 15-second videos that look very real. It still makes mistakes. It still doesn’t quite understand physics. … But if you look at the generation of this that existed one year ago as compared to Sora, it’s leaps and bounds. In fact, there’s footage in it that I would say you could easily use in a major motion picture or a television show.” In that same interview, Kutcher remarked that Hollywood would need to raise the bar significantly as to what counts as quality content, as “there is going to be more content than there are eyeballs on the planet to consume it.”

Fake beauty queens charm judges at the Miss AI pageant

What’s the next frontier of generative AI’s impact? It may be beauty pageants. The Miss AI pageant, currently in progress, is seemingly less about beauty and more about the ability to craft an “ideal” beauty pageant contestant using generative AI (whatever “ideal” amounts to). As reported in an NPR story, ”The contestants have no physical, real-world presence. They exist only on social media, primarily Instagram, in the form of photorealistic images of extremely beautiful young women — all of it created using a combination of off-the-shelf and proprietary AI technology.” Fanvue, the online creator platform behind the competition, is offering the team behind the winning contestant a $5,000 prize.

Google has drastically slashed its AI results after a disastrously embarrassing launch

Remember those terrible Google search AI overviews we covered last week? Any of you follow the advice to eat a stone daily or glue cheese to your pizzas? That advice is much harder to come by, as reportedly, the percentage of Google search queries receiving an AI overview dropped from 84% to 15%, at least according to SEO company BrightEdge. The expectation is that this percentage will start to grow again as the AI overviews start to be more reliable in summarizing helpful content as opposed to passing along outlandish statements.

AI apocalypse? ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity all went down at the same time

Snider and Porter have had some bad luck when it comes to using generative AI in the midst of a presentation, only to find that one of the tools they’d like to demo isn’t working. Last Tuesday was the latest example, when ChatGPT, Claude, and Perplexity AI were all down simultaneously during a presentation Porter was giving on conversational AI. Fortunately, Google Gemini was still available to use at this time, although some Gemini users reported that it, too, was down.

ChatGPT-4o just got a major upgrade on mobile — now you can keep talking while using other apps

Our final big news story isn’t momentous, but it’s worth noting: ChatGPT Voice, through which users can have verbal conversation with GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 via the ChatGPT mobile app, can now be used at the same time as other apps. Why does this matter? It’s likely due to the upcoming launch of GPT-4o Voice, which unlike ChatGPT Voice, will be speech-to-speech (instead of speech-to-text-to-text-to-speech like ChatGPT Voice). Given the power of GPT-4o in real-time conversations as shown in GPT-4o demos, the ability to use the tool alongside of other mobile apps will be a significant feature in making the tool work seamlessly across a range of settings.

Quick Hits

Tool of the week: Kling AI

We haven’t even had a chance to try out OpenAI’s text-to-video tool Sora yet, and many are declaring it’s already been dethroned. Kling AI is a generative AI video tool from a Chinese company called Kuaishou.

Kling can make 1080p, 30 frames-per-second videos up to two minutes long. And early results - at least those that have been shared - are impressive. See examples here.

Innovation Profs Homework

We want to hear about tasks you are able use AI to complete. For example, we had a list of email addresses (with some duplicates). To get rid of the duplicates, we simply uploaded the list to ChatGPT and told it to remove duplicates. In 30 seconds, it was done.

Reply to this email to let us know how you use generative AI to complete tasks like this faster.

AI-generated image of the week

Caitlin Clark was left off the USA Olympics women’s basketball team, but could Adobe Firefly sneak her in? Probably not. Here were the results from using Firefly’s generative fill tool to try and put a team USA uniform on Clark. Or should I say “tean ISG?”

prompt: Team USA women's basketball uniform

Generative AI tip of the week

Let AI make you a better communicator.

Poised is an AI-powered communication coach for public speakers. It offers feedback and coaching to help you communicate more clearly. Poise was recently acquired by Deepgram, an app we profiled in an earlier newsletter.

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What we found

Students at the University of Washington are using AI to create headphones that can focus in on just one person’s voice. According to this article, “The system, called ‘Target Speech Hearing,’ then cancels all other sounds in the environment and plays just the enrolled speaker’s voice in real time even as the listener moves around in noisy places and no longer faces the speaker.”